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Calgary Real Estate Market

Calgary’s real estate market has risen along with the oil boom. As oil prices have fallen, so have employment numbers in the energy sector. We’re seeing more homes for sale in Calgary as houses that were built to meet growing demand come onto the market as demand stalls, and we are starting to see houses come on the market driven by wage cuts and job losses. That is only going to accelerate if oil prices remain low and the oil boom busts.

Lease rates are falling. Commercial vacancies are up. And home sales in Calgary fell 7.5% from December 2013 to December 2014. The prices for condos fell almost ten percent year over year from spring 2014 to spring 2015. The number of housing listings has risen from 2,500 to 4,000 year over year (January 2014 to January 2015). The March 2015 figures year over year are even more astounding, a rise from roughly 3000 active listings to 5,700 Calgary homes for sale – a change of about 87%.

Condo prices have dropped ten percent over 2014 values, while detached houses fell 3.3% in February, 2015. Housing prices have only dropped a few percentage points but may drop further. In February, 2015, Sherry Cooper of Dominion Lending Centres, previously an economist at BMO said that Calgary’s real estate prices will drop ten percent if not twenty percent.

The Conference Board of Canada reported at the end of February, 2015 that they expect Alberta to remain in recession into 2016, perhaps longer. Real estate prices that have stalled and started to drop since oil prices fell therefore won’t go back up in a year.

Real estate prices will probably fall further because of the construction boom that was underway to bring new properties to market to meet growing demand. The Calgary Real Estate Board reported in January, 2015 it expects sales to drop 4% over 2015, though prices are projected by the CREB to remain stable. Net migration to Calgary will prevent demand from cratering, while inflation may even allow home prices to rise over the next twelve months. Home buyers can rest assured that this means that the home they buy in 2015 won’t lose half its value by 2016, as some home buyers in Nevada, Arizona and Florida saw in 2007 and 2008.

What does all of this mean for those looking for homes for sale in Calgary?
• If you couldn’t find a house in the neighborhood you wanted last year, you’ll probably find several this year. Supply is much higher in 2015 than it was in 2014.
• If you want to buy a condo in place of a detached house, it is already a buyer’s market.
• Prices for single family homes have dipped, but they may come down more. Prices aren’t going to go up and may come down, making it a great time to buy.
• Properties started in 2014 to house oil patch workers and energy sector employees are coming onto the market while demand has softened. This creates an unusual supply of brand new homes at good prices.
• Distressed sellers are going to start hitting the market among those laid off in the energy sector. Your possibility of finding homes for sale in Calgary at a steal of a deal are rising.

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Home Renovation Increases Value

Renovating a basement is a popular way to add living space to your home with minimal expense. As long as the basement doesn’t have moisture problems, it is easily converted into living space. What are the best uses of your basement a Calgary home renovations team could put in place?

Home Offices

Putting a desk, chairs and other office furniture into a bedroom doesn’t reduce a home’s value, though the noise of nearby occupants can make it hard to work. When you turn a bedroom into a home office though structural changes, you cause future buyers to strike that bedroom off the bedroom count as surely as they do when the master bedroom is turned into a master suite by giving up a smaller bedroom.

When you want a large home office with everything from storage units to workbenches to a server, it is better to renovate the basement to create the work space you want instead of trying to shoe horn it into a bedroom or hurt the home’s long term value with the renovation.

Game Rooms / Play Spaces

When your kids have taken over the living room, the weather may not allow for sending them outside to play. This is why renovating the basement to turn it into a place space or game room is popular. For younger children, the game room can include a play tables, small playhouse or tunnel and slide. For older children, you can put a Lego table, sand table and larger toys in the game room. There’s less hassle to clean up before company comes, since the toys stay (mostly) contained in the play room. Play spaces in the game room can evolve as the children grow up, turning into a big screen TV with video games when they become teenagers. When the kids are grown and gone, the game room is easily turned into a home theater for the adults and their company.

Extra Bedrooms

Moving to a larger house is an expensive proposition. Turning part or all of the basement into bedrooms and other types of living space is a much more affordable solution for accommodating a growing family. And a basement renovation is cheaper than adding on to the house, as well. Unlike attic conversions, you don’t have to replace the existing beams to support the weight of the occupants. Most basements have the eight foot clearance required to comfortably walk around, whereas many attics become uncomfortable after the floor is raised to accommodate the stronger structural members. You can build additional bathrooms downstairs, with a little planning and plumbing work. Work with a Calgary home renovations expert to properly convert the dark damp basement into a cozy set of bedrooms.

Finished Utility Rooms

Renovating a basement to make your life easier can be a simple proposition. For example, redoing a basement to turn the corner containing the washer and dryer into a full fledged laundry room can make chores more bearable. Adding shelving for organized storage, drying racks and better lighting can make doing laundry easier.

Basement renovation of a storage room can make sense, as well. Installing lighting, organizers and other items so you can safely store and readily find what you need can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’ve been paying for a storage unit rental because the basement was such a mess or eyeing a new shed to hold your stuff because it seems the house can’t contain it all.